Wondering who we are at EasyPay MoneyMarket?  We’re the brainchild of Kazang CEO Martin Wright. After Kazang was acquired by the Connect Group, our business went to new heights, expanding on its value-added-service (VAS) offering into the formal sector.

Initially this offering was presented as Kazang Connect, but as the Kazang offering grew and expanded into the formal sector, there was more room for growth. With the acquisition of the Connect Group into Lesaka in 2022, growth opportunities continued to present themselves for the Kazang Connect business, allowing for a more extensive and robust service offering.

Realising that new potential was achieved by merging the impressive Kazang Connect VAS offering with the trusted bill payment solution of EasyPay, EasyPay MoneyMarket was born into a one-stop, single-device solution for businesses and customers alike.

Meet our team

Trahern Peters
Central Region
Sales Manager

Lenny Govender
Eastern Region
Sales Manager

Thomas Turck
Business and Product

Jerry Gwangwa
Northern Region
Sales Manager

Lohan Cloete
Southern Region
Sales Manager

Willmari Schoeman
Project Manager