Business growth made effortless with a single device solution

Manage your cashflow and expand your business in a hassle-free way with EasyPay MoneyMarket’s single device solution. It’s the ultimate strategy to growing your business without needing the extra floorspace.

Our easy-to-use touchscreen device offers a range of services from airtime, electricity and bus tickets, making it easier than ever to connect with your customers as they connect to the world. We simply install the device and take care of the details so that you and your customers can access so much more from the comfort of your store. Now that’s convenient shopping.

With us, customer loyalty comes easy

The EasyPay MoneyMarket device offers a portal into new possibilities where you and your customers can access the world with ease as they browse through your store.

The EasyPay MoneyMarket solution gives customers access to:

Watch our video and get excited:

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Key Benefits

Effortlessly earn with every transaction.  With EasyPay MoneyMarket you can offer your customers a wide range of products and services, unlocking a world of opportunity for you and for them. What’s even better is that we take care of all your reporting needs whilst you earn commision on every transaction.

At the end of the month, you will receive a percentage of your sales.


See your growth happen in real time

With EasyPay MoneyMarket you’ll be able to access detailed reports online from your desktop or phone. What’s even better is that the installation and software updates come completely free of charge. The EasyPay MoneyMarket solution also collects and collates all data so that you can focus on managing your customers and not your cashflow.


Let us take care of branding

We will provide all in-store and related external branding to bring more feet through your door. Our branding is also tailored to your stores specific needs and requirements, meaning that you can choose to collaborate on the execution and placement of all relevant branding. That’s minimal effort for maximum return.


We’ll do the heavylifting

At EasyPay MoneyMarket, we take care of sourcing the top products and services so that you don’t have to play middle-man. We also help with managing your reporting and training of your staff.


We’ll have your system up & running within a week

The steps are simple. We come to you with a digital contract and then set up and optimise the software and device(s) for your store. Our solution guarantees the training your staff, including admin staff, sales clerks, and you, of course. Oh, did we mention that this is all completely free?

System and Reporting

Our modern and reliable hardware uses an international standard version of Android which ensures smooth sailing for you to trade continuously.
With the convenience of EasyPay MoneyMarkets mobile app you can streamline your business operations from anywhere at any time. Our unique cloud reporting tool makes it easy for you to login and view all of your sales and financial reports with the ability to generate invoices.

Sales reports include:
Invoices, Cashups, Cashouts, Product Performance, Department Performance.

Financial reports include:
Account Statements, VAT reports.

Turnover reports include:
Turnover per day, turnover per month, turnover per year, Daily VAT.